Jai Sua, established in 2014, is Bray’s leadin martial arts club. Under the guidance of coaches Rob Carry, Chao Fairtex, Craig Nolan, Eoin Lawlor and Alisha Hiu, the club has built one one of the country’s biggest and most successful fight teams that regularly competes at the highest level both nationally and internationally.


1. Kids Muay Thai Classes :

Our kids classes have proved extremely popular since the establishment of our club. Our kids range from age 6 and up and are perfect for all levels including pure beginners. While we have a string of national and international champions, most of our kids train for fun and don’t compete.

Classes are fast paced and demanding – so children quickly improve coordination, strength, flexibility and toughness. We also see big improvements in kids’ confidence and sociability.

There is no uniform requirement. However, your child will need some basic safety equipment – a groin guard and a gumshield, both of which are available through the club.

Classes start from 6 euro per class pay as you go. Interested in bringing your child along to a class? Get in touch via our Contacts page or click the Book Now.

**In light of COVID-19, we can no longer allow kids to use shared equipment for safety reason. As a result, all kids will need a pair of shin pads and boxing gloves. These are available through the club or by clicking on the shop link.

2. Adult Beginner Classes:

Whether you’re looking to get fit and learn a new skill or if you’ve got ambitions of joining one of the country’s leading fight teams as a competitor, this is where you can start. Classes focus on the basics of Muay Thai and are geared towards giving students a good grounding in the sport while also developing their strength, fitness, durability and flexibility. Classes start from 7 euro each pay as you go.

Ready to give it a try? Click the Book Now.

3. Women Only Class:

The training used by Thaiboxers is a calorie furnace – even without the sparring. So we’ve developed a non-contact, high intensity fitness class – that will get you in fighting shape only without the bruises. All fitness levels welcome and perfect for beginners age 14 and up. Ready to give a class a try? Get in touch via the contacts page with any questions you might have, or click the Book Now .

4. Fighter Class:

Our fighter class is for our competition team and experienced Thaiboxers. It is stacked with some of the country’s most exciting fighters. Fighter class is strictly invitation only.